The Energy Bus . . . Get on board!

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Finding Out the Strengths of Our Team

Susan Fenske, CEO at EGS Inc. reveals the Strengths of her team! By understanding each of our strengths, we are better communicators amongst ourselves and can create better opportunities for our clients by using this understanding with regard to their strengths and needs. Our TOP 5. Click here to read more about each “strength”.StrengthsFinder.jpg

The Engine of Our Success is YOU!

I recently attended the US Department of Energy (DOE) small business conference. Like many conferences we heard that small business is the engine of the US economy. I happen to agree that it is important to have a country with healthy and prosperous small businesses. I want to acknowledge and celebrate that the EGS employees are the engine of my business and I want to celebrate a few:

Stephanie Ursini-Bennett helps EGS measure and improve our processes and is offering FREE workshops to our customers and organizations using ROI methodology. Click here.

Lisa Marie Bates was recruited and hired in January 2011 to provide Administrative Support on a contract with Western Area Power Administration. She provided this support at a field office in Rural Brush CO. Her work was appreciated by Western so much that her part time position was changed to full time so that she could also provide support to the Cheyenne WY field office as well as the Brush office. In July, 2013 Lisa’s husband was offered an opportunity in Phoenix that he could not pass up and Lisa had to regretfully leave EGS to chase her family’s dreams. Fortunately, EGS had just recently been awarded an Administrative Support contract with the State of Arizona and all of its agencies. When the Department of Health Services came looking for an administrative support person in a hectic, fast paced environment we did not hesitate to reach out to Lisa. She was placed in a support position for them in October, 2013 and has been providing superior work ever since.

Michael Robinson identified a need and developed a full training program for mechanics at Savannah River Nuclear Solutions.  He has partnered with neighboring companies to develop best practices and even developed a video to compliment the training manual. His video received much recognition at the site!

There are more stories out there and I would love to hear about other innovations and accomplishments.  Thank you for the work you do every day.