Success Stories

EGS is Focused on Everyone's Success

everettsmall.jpgEverett Farr joined EGS in July. Everett is doing business development with a concentration on the commercial market with a special emphasis in the light industrial arena.  Everett has a strong passion for this area as he has worked in numerous positions in warehousing and the moving and storage business while a the same time going to college. He understands a strong work ethic of hard work and reliability being first and foremost. He also enjoys working with returning Veterans and offering them top positions as they have served our country and most certainly have the skill set we are looking for with hard work and reliability times ten! Give Everett a call or send him an email with congratulations on being part of the EGS family!

Lisa Marie Bates was recruited and hired in January 2011 to provide Administrative Support on a contract with Western Area Power Administration. She provided this support at a field office in Rural Brush CO. Her work was appreciated by Western so much that her part time position was changed to full time so that she could also provide support to the Cheyenne WY field office as well as the Brush office. In July, 2013 Lisa's husband was offered an opportunity in Phoenix that he could not pass up and Lisa had to regretfully leave EGS to chase her family's dreams.

Fortunately, EGS had just recently been awarded an Administrative Support contract with the State of Arizona and all of its agencies. When the Department of Health Services came looking for an administrative support person in a hectic, fast paced environment we did not hesitate to reach out to Lisa. She was placed in a support position for them in October, 2013 and has been providing superior work ever since.